His first name is Agent.

true words are true…

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A short horror story:



where did the spider go?


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I’m home alone.

Time to start my concert

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i don’t even know what my blog is anymore

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are u trying to tell me it’s not 2010 anymore

  • what the box says: serves four
  • what it means: serves me
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 #me #with all my otps

  • the fangirl life: i'm still alive but i'm barely breathing.
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  • fish: what is air
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  • me: hello followers how are you
  • followers:
  • followers:
  • followers:
  • me: yeah me too


whenever i drink a capri sun it lasts for like 0.06178 seconds

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  • me before the avengers: i hope this doesn't spark another obsession
  • me after the avengers: shit
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  • Them: They're already dating other people
  • Shippers: lol
  • Them: They're just friends
  • Shippers: lol
  • Them: They hate each other
  • Shippers: lol
  • Them: They're not gay
  • Shippers: lol
  • Them: They're siblings
  • Shippers: lol
  • Them: The age difference is too uncomfortable
  • Shippers: lol
  • Them: They're not even in the same fandom
  • Shippers: lol
  • Them: You don't even watch the show
  • Shippers: lol

trying to explain fandom things to non-fandom people is like trying to explain trigonometry to a dog